Garn, The morning after

The next morning. Sunlight breaking through the curtains in Renius’s spare room where Garn and Kylina stay in Silverymoon. She is awake and walking softly so as to not disturb his slumber. It’s clear he slept fitfully by the tangle of sheets and the way he is sprawled across the bed.

Kylina opens the door to the hallway, but the hinges haven’t been oiled lately and it creaks open. Garn opens one eye to this, sees no danger and relaxes.

“Garn, you had better see this…” She whipsers urgently, drawing her longsword.

In the hallway, on the floor just outside the room, eyes wide with terror, Tiara is bound in enchanted frozen chains. Tongue cut out, hands bloody stumps, she looks up at her captors.



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