Garn's Log: Entry 10

We should burn their bodies in a pyre. The Liberator had suggested. It is their way. It’s what they would want. He added. Not long after, myself, Grayl and said Liberator are in the forest gathering wood for the blaze. Footsteps can be heard and the black, goopy elves we eluded a couple of days ago have now found us.

The twenty of them surrounded Grayl and myself and the Liberator was trying to turn them….they were undead after all. It was a pretty brutal fight, but in the end we escaped with our lives, but with a couple of chunks cut out of us seeing as we got stabbed with the black goop and it was invading our very beings.

We camped out that night with plans to head back to Silverymoon the next day and then eventually to Red Larch. I really shudder to think of that place, even though Grayl and myself liberated that town from that little fool Gilbert O’ Gold and his idiot henchman the General. Yikes what a nightmare our stay was there. Anywho, bedding for the night was like any other, until it wasn’t. I dreamt that I was free! Free of these bonds I’ve shackled myself with, Kylina, Grayl, and the like. Roaming free over the country side at night, the cool air filling my lungs. I wasn’t held back by the need for clothing, tearing aside those very items which held me bond to society. No need for weapons and armor, I myself am those things!

Running through the woods, I smell meat, I smell prey! That which is weaker than me, must fall to me. For my hunger for blood, for sustenance in insatiable and I will have my fill. It falls to me easy. The deer never had a chance. I run up from behind it, pursuing it through the forest, around trees. Running through the creeks and dried leaves, it falters….I do not. I clamp on it’s back ripping flesh and bone. Skin and fur. It tries desperately to fight. Nothing shall keep me from mine. I eat my fill, blood and entrails surround my feet. Bits of bone and flesh are stuck in my fur…my hair. Pieces of the beast are under my claws…wait…my nails. I roar loudly in the night! Triumphant I lay down next to my kill. Guarding it over the would be jackals of the forest, that would dare try and lay claim to that which is mine.

The next morning I wake up naked covered in blood, bits of flesh are in my hair. I am holding the deer carcass and I am having a hard time digesting what seems to be almost half the deer. I walk back to the campsite still carrying the deer. Everyone is dumbfounded when I return and all of their fears were true. Before I can drop the deer, Nung grabs it and is already skinning and getting ready to cook what’s left. Just then, up walks Grayl. Same thing, only he’s not covered in blood. Despite the raw venison in my gut, I feel fantastic. I welcome my new form, much to the dismay of my friends, and the very odd looks I get from Kylina. Whatever…like I need to explain myself to her…

Grayl argued with me that we needed to get rid of this bane and I wasn’t too sure of that. Something changed in me and I no longer cared for anything but the hunt. The Paladin and his foolish mission of glory, the Liberator and his….well…whatever he does, Grayl and his Dead Wolves and his foolish family meant very little to me, and Kylina? Well, Kylina can get a long without me just fine…. Nung would be dinner the next time he happened into my path with his drunken stupidity. All of them are standing in my way…....

Where was I? Hmm….we are now in Silverymoon. My thoughts must have clouded my thinking and I missed a couple of days. The thoughts I have been having have started to subside, and I seem to be thinking more clearly….or am I? Either way, it seems I am coming more to my old way of thinking and now I am bored. Seems to me we are going to get this curse taken away from us, before we hurt our friends. Friends…HA! You don’t want to hurt Kylina and your child do you Garn? Grayl asks.

No…I suppose not. But, I’m not going first. Yes you are! Grayl snaps. Apparently, he can’t stand his new found power. Without going into an all out brawl I let him beat me in an arm wrestling match. I suppose if I don’t want to lose this power, no Inquistor asshole can say otherwise. Bah… he waves his hand around with some hocus pocus hullabaloo, but to no effect. I feel the same. Perfect. I walk out of there feeling even less happy with the state of affairs these days.

Churchy goes into talk to this fool Inquisitor again with the Liberator, on account the paladin can’t even see straight anymore, let alone help us in an actual fight. I guess they are looking to take the hand and sword away from him. Good riddance to both I say. They haven’t done anything to him except make him more mopey than he usually is. Dark power indeed. So who goes next to talk to him? Grayl! That’s who. They’re in for awhile, talking about who knows what, and when he comes out, he seems different. I don’t know if he’s making a play for the sword or what, but he’s going on and on about Tyr and fighting evil and blah blah blah….it makes me sick. I think our failure to kill Belladonna is finally starting to eat away at him. I need to fix that quick.

Getting back to the Liberator’s place we find Nung laying on one of the sofa’s naked, with one of his magic ring’s now used as a cock ring. Apparently he can wear three magic rings. Ugh… The Liberator notices that some flooring has been disturbed and it seems that a dagger that was hidden there has been removed. The case is still there, but the dagger is not. I have the unfortunate job of questioning a drunken, naked dwarf. He’s your friend, Grayl puts in. Fine, I say. I yell at Nung till he is semi-conscious.

Hey! Did you see anybody take anything? What the hell were doing this whole time? Aye Laddie, I saw beautiful women dressed as animals, on all fours, begging me for it. A horse, a dog,a cat, she shrieked the loudest and I had her puking on my…then some bald dudes entered, and boy did it get fun then, I… wait. I don’t think I dreamed that. That part may have been real.

So, you let bald monks in here and let them steal something of value, and something of value that we didn’t even know was here?? Grayl says. Don’t judge me…..uurrrrp….

Great, let’s go get those idiots. For Tyr! Grayl yells. What? Dude, what is your problem? I ask. All evil must be smited for Tyr. Grayl explains. Now I know he wants the sword. Grayl, seriously, you have to knock this off. This is stupid, and you sound even worse. This nonsensical arguing goes on for awhile, and eventually the Liberator makes it known that these monks have the blade.

BAH! I’m not going. If this is the way that Grayl is going to act, I don’t want any part of it. Get the damn dagger by yourself. I overheard the Liberator saying how he was going to ask that slut of a barmaid, or whatever that worked at a coffee house, if she had any information. I said I’ll go do that seeing as I’m not going with you on this farce of an idealistic mission by someone who shouldn’t act like someone they are not! Tyr will guide me to righteousness, and all evil will be slayed. Oh brother….

So, I’m walking to the coffee house and I’m thinking of having sex with this woman. I’m with Kylina though. She may be carrying my child. So? It’s natures way. You can smell it in the air, you can smell her, her loins reek of her desire for me….she wants it. What is happening to me? That animal side of me is taking over. Maybe I should let it? Well, I get there and have some coffee and this babe is in the back doing something. I’ll have to bide my time if I wanna piece of that big…what the hell? The Liberator’s dog? It wants me to follow it. Damn! This chick will have to wait, Grayl and Renius are in trouble. I told them not to do this now, but they never listen. I get to where the dog leads me and there they are having trouble with TWO bald headed monk dudes. TWO? Seriously? Well, I guess I better help as usual. I do, and of course we take care of them. Only, the blade isn’t on them. Swell. What happens after that is a blur to me and I don’t really care to much.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Hela lately. I don’t know why, but I have. I wonder why my payment was what it was? Why does my memory of sex with her get better every time? All I know is that she’s the only “god” I’ve seen ever, and the only one to have granted my desire. Tempus, no offense, but you haven’t done squat, since I’ve asked you. Maybe there is more to Hela than meets the eye? Hayden spoke of Valykrie’s coming to take the fallen souls from our fight with Belladonna and the rest. Hela! Hear me now! I kneel before you, sword and shield in hand. Grant me power! Power to do that which I now will ask! I pray to you for power to destroy my enemies. Those who are the Black Ravens. Those who are Tiara and Belladonna. Grant this weapon power, more power than it now holds! Grant it power and the ability to send each and every life I take to your underworld, grant it power that only you can, and not the parlor tricks of some foolish wizard. If you hear my prayer and grant me this, I will do this in your name and I will send as many souls to you as I can. Grant this shield power to protect me from those who would do me harm, so that I may continue to send souls to you. Also, Great and Beautiful Hela, I would also ask that you take my soul in place of Grayl’s when I die. He is my blood brother and I would gladly trade places with him, to allow him to live and wreak havoc on this world. Allow that and I will stand by your most gorgeous side as your mate for eternity. My love for you has grown, since our last and most cherished “meeting” and I wish to share your bed once more and embrace my beloved Hela.

There it is done. I now pledge my love towards Hela, and I will kill all those in her name. In return, I hope to gain power in body and in my sword, so that I may destroy the Black Ravens, Tiara, Belladonna and all those who wish to stop to the Dead Wolves. I also am going to hopefully free Grayl of his pact with Hela and take his place instead. To those who read these words especially Grayl and Kylina. It is the only way to ensure our victory. Forgive me.



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