Renius December

The toe tapping, bitch slapping pimp. Let's find out just how hard Renius pimps.


I put together lineage for Renius as follows, starting with his great-great grandparents:

Prestolau Ancalimon (Male Elf Bard)+Tzalice Stormbringer (Human female fighter) The had a son, Ricroar Darkeyes Ancalimon

Ricroar Ancalimona (Male Half-elf Wizard) married Lady Therella Droverson The Forgotten Foe (Female Human Fighter) They had 3 children, Magga Waveharp Ancalimona, Homron Havellight Ancalimona the Sorceror and Rictilin Armorsmith Ancalimona.

Rictilin began to omit his given name of Ancalimona for Adamoros, except under formal circumstances or under questioning. There is no great benefit to having an elf name and not being elf, or even half elf.

Rictilin (Male human commoner) married Ravastina Spelloyal (female human artistocrat) They had Abba Adamoras.

Abba (Male human bard)+ Amora Shatterstar (female human ranger). They had Renius.

Renius’s family is all gone except for the descendants of Magaga and Hormon, and his great-great grandfather Prestolau, who is almost 250 years old, and probably wont’ live too much longer. Renius’s mother is still alive and after mourning her missing husband, remarried a local noble in Everlund. They’re happy.

A side note: Prestolau and Tzalic’s union was a tryst and after Tzalice gave birth, she sent the child away to Prestolau to raise, as she had a war to fight.

So, with this lineage, Renius would be either 1/8 or 1/16th elf, but for all game purposes, wouldn’t have any elf abilities. In fact, it’s sort of a sore subject, from Rictilin down, as they had an elf name but no elf properties, hence the name changing through the years. Renius has since changed his name to Renius December, though he does acknowledge the names of Adamoras and Ancalimon under certain circumstances. Adamoras shouldnt’ be an elf name.

from alan ” Renius’s background consists of coming from Ardok, and during his teenage years he was into thievery and rogue shit. When he was 20, him and his hoodlum friends signed on to protect a caravan. They saw a quick way to make cash, and didn’t really know their ass from a hole in the ground. During the journey, barbarian thugs attacked and Renius and his cohorts fled and holed up in an old keep. The thugs enacted a siege. After many nights, Renius pulled the shortest straw and was elected to sneak out of the keep and get some help. Renius got nabbed and while the nabbery went on, the keep fell under the onslaught of the barbarian tribe and Renius’s cohorts were wiped out. Renius got jumped into the thug tribe and for a year, did some looting and thuggery with the savages.

Eventually, the savage tribe went up against a duo of beholders and pack of Drow. Renius saw his way out. A cohort, lying on his side cursed Renius a coward. Renius kicked him in the head and took off, finding civilization. Looking for steady income and a comfortable mattress, Renius enlisted with the local militia and after working his way up to Sgt. Major (most promotions were battle-time commissions), decided to freelance. Eventually, Renius came upon his the hooligans that represent the other player characters. He also became a Holy Liberator during this time, helping people and opposing tyranny. Nothing personal against the Drow on a individual level, Renius detests what the average Drow stands for, through their wicked means.

Renius’s adventures have taught him that he doesn’t really care too much for dictator-leader-bullies, whether they are running a band of thugs, tribes or military.

“If you can’t do something smart, do something right.” That being said, Renius does dig the hoe’s, and coin, but likes to donate to the local charities on a regular basis.

Future aspirations include acquiring a plot of land and becoming a part of a community. Being that Renius is good at fighting, contributing to the community through skillful arms is obvious, but also to help out during the harvest and help any sick at any hours of the night. That being said, Renius hasn’t figured out just where would be good to go. Until then, getting into the trade caravan business, either as employee or owner wouldn’t be bad. Folks need supplies and trade caravans is dangerous work as Renius found out at an early age, but nowadays, it’s a challenge he’s up for.”

Renius December